Reflecting Jesus well is our purpose on earth.  Reflecting your church or ministry well online is my purpose as a web designer. Attracting new seekers and connecting with the community is something we partner up and do together.

Your mission will be foundational in the strategic planning of every page.

A reflection of your people, how you do ministry and what you believe, will be seen in every part of the design.


Here's a sneak peek of my simply guided and proven process. This process is the difference between a stressful experience and effective brilliance.


You Take the First Step

View the packages and answer some questions on the intake form ( I love forms!) It helps me provide you with an accurate estimate of the services you need.  It also helps you determine what you need—as some people start a new project not knowing what is all included or offered. Remember we offer everything you need for success— copywriting, visual brand design, SEO, social media management and more! 

After you submit the form, I assess it and know how to best serve you.


Intro + Info

This is where we meet via video call (or in-person if you're local!) and I listen to you share about yourself, your business, your vibe, and all things that are important to the project. This session is really to get to know each other, get on the same page and dream big together.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them—no question is too silly.


Contract + Invoice

To get things officially started, I send you a contract for e-signature and an invoice that requires a deposit. I offer two payment options unless paying in full:


  1. 25% deposit, then 3 equal payments over 3 months.
  2. 50% deposit, then 5 equal payments over 5 months.


Once payment is received, you get on my project schedule! Time to start!


Strategy Session

You tell me your goals, dreams and what's not working right now, and I invent ways for those goals to come true. We talk about how we will build your website to connect ro your ideal audience and get your business growing.

I share some ideas, we brainstorm together, we talk about the project process and come up with a roadmap for launch.

All parts of a project (such as copywriting, visual identity or graphic design, SEO) may have it's own strategy session.


Visual Design

We decide on the aesthetics of the website: colors, fonts, buttons, style, and image inspiration.

Once we decide on image inspiration, we finalize stock images or provide inspiration for a photographer. If you are local to the Twin Cities, I have excellent references for fabulous branding photography.


Quality, captivating and large enough images are a must—whether a stock image or professionally taken. 


Project Prep

We gather inspiration for content, discuss content strategy and determine the website navigation.

My copywriter excels in creating your full brand voice, copywriting services—including full copy or copy editing. Strategy sessions help you discover your best copy. 

Research and invention happen in this stage too. I research your industry and competitors and come up with unique ways to stand out against your competition.


Project Design + Development

This is where everything comes to life! We start with your mission and goals and turn that into a structure wireframe. Then we create a homepage visual layout by adding your copy, your images, and your unique style. Then your site is developed. The result is a stunning custom website that invites the people who will appreciate you the most.


Review + Launch

Your site is built.  Now it's time to review it and make sure every detail is perfect. Once you approve it, we launch. The day you've been excited for is finally here!  I don't leave you all alone though—I create custom training videos just for you so you can refer to them whenever you need to if you should want to upload images or even change the copy.


VIP Support Window

After launch, you enter into a two-week VIP support window where any minor changes to elements in the scope get taken care of free of charge.  


Maintenance + Support

This isn't a one and done project. I am here to support you, spur you on and encourage new ideas indefinitely.  

After the two weeks of VIP support, you enter into a maintenance plan. I have three tiers of maintenance with custom add-ons available if needed. I manage your website, handle website security, maintenance, perform daily/weekly updates and send you performance reports monthly.

I am known to call or email occasionally to see how you're doing and maybe drop an idea or two on your lap.

You intentionally create an environment at your church where seekers feel they can belong, grow and connect.

Are you creating the same environment on your website?  

Most people check out a church online before attending.


Ready to get started on your website project?

All we need is some brief info from you and we can provide an estimate!


Have a Question?

Do you have a question about your project needs? Send me the question! 

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I hope to connect with you soon!

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